Invoice Factoring or Bank Loans Lubbock & Amarillo, Texas

Whether you are starting out in business or a seasoned business veteran, eventually additional funding may be required for expansion, payroll, covering expenses or marketing services. Getting a business loan in Lubbock, Texas or anywhere these days is extremely difficult. Bank loans create debt and those debts affect cash flow. Getting a bank loan to cover short term expenses doesn't make sense. Typically, if you're lucky enough to get a small business loan, most banks will not give additional lines and more debt may hurt a company when trying to increase cash flow.

Invoice factoring is debt free and does not show up as a loan on the balance sheet. Unlike bank loans, getting additional cash from a Factor is easier to obtain. Factoring invoices will help stabilize cash flow because they are advances based on current receivables. Getting paid on invoices earlier means more cash infused into your business. For example, invoices that can take 30-60 days to pay are sold to Buffet Factoring at a discount. An advance on those current invoices are made to your bank account, then Buffet Factoring waits the 30-60 days to get paid on those invoices. The best part is as long as there are invoices to factor funding is available.

As of today, the lending market has tightened the reigns making it difficult for small to medium size business obtain loans. If you are lucking enough to get a bank loan, it may not be enough to cover what is needed; a new line of debt is added to the business and must be repaid. Buffet Factoring offers funding for all businesses from start-ups to thriving established companies. If you need cash, partner up with Buffet Factoring today!


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