Invoice factoring is a better choice over fintech funding

As a new or small established business, it is difficult to get a bank loan. When banks turn down companies there is still a choice Factoring or Fintech. These are two very different types of companies. Factoring buys invoices at a discount, and Fintech offers loans with high interest rates. Recently, many Fintechs have begun to offer factoring; unfortunately, it's a watered down version and charges higher rates while providing poor customer service. Most Fintechs are new to the lending space and are mostly startups. Fintech has not been around as long as factoring. Factoring has been around since the early Romans and has an incredible success rate compared to Fintech.

Buffet Factoring does not base loans on a client's credit, but rather the credit of the customer whose invoice is being factored. Fintech relies on your credit and is based on your credit worthiness to establish credit lines, if any. Buffet Factoring in Lubbock, Texas offers much more than the Fintech companies because it has more knowledge, better customer services and typically cost less. Traditional factoring allows for creative solutions for businesses that may not qualify for traditional loans. Also, you may want to avoid putting debt on your balance sheet. Reach out to Buffet Factoring in Lubbock, Texas to learn more on how we can help improve your cash flow.


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